Realestate Description

In this chapter we will enumerate all the assets with are included in the property for sale, including the already built edifications of the village and the rustic and development lands.




Descripción de las Edificaciones

There are serveral old-style buildings made in stone, a horreo, and one asturian traditional bowling.

In the aerial photograpy of the left, it can be appreciated the whole set of edifications and its enumeration.

In next chapters it will be detailed each one of these edifications and its current use.






  • Building #1: Old-style building dating from XIX century, made in stone, with two floors (ground and first floor) and total surface area of 420 m2. It has been restored recently maintaining the original local style. The building is distributed into three houses dedicated to rural tourism, with a total capacity of 22 people. These houses are identified in as "La Cerezal I", "La Cerezal II" and "La Cerezal III". Next photographs show some details about this building:
Fachada Sur Fachada Norte
Fachada vista desde el Oeste Fachada Sur
Fachada vista desde el Este Dormitorio
Vista del Salón Escalera
Salón con chimenea Dormitorio
  • Building #2: Old-style stone made building dating from XIX century. It has two floors, an attic, and a total surface area of 340 m2. It has been restored in the same way than the previous building. There are one house, three apartments and a warehouse in this building. The whole building has a total capacity to accommodate 16 people. The house and two of these apartments are identified in the web site as "La Bolera", "La Bolera I" and "La Bolera II". Currently, the third apartment is not being used in rural tourishm activities. Some photographs are being shown next:
Fachada vista desde el Sur-Oeste Fachada vista desde el Sur
Salón con chimenea Fachada vista desde el Noroeste
Salón Dormitorio
Salón Dormitorio
  • Building #3: 40 years old modern construction with one floor and a total surface area of 200 m2. It has been restored in a rustic way to use in rural tourism and has a total capacity of 8 people. This house is identified in the web site as "La Santina". Some photograps are presented next:
Fachada vista desde el Oeste Fachada vista desde el Sur
Porche Porche
Salón Salón
  • Building #4: Old building with only one ground floor with a total surface area of 30 m2. This cabin is made in stone and its used as a house which can accomodate 2 people.
Entrada Vista de la construcción
Salón Dormitorio
Dormitorio Cocina
  • Building #5: About 60 years old construcción. It has a total surface area of 60 m2 in only one ground floor, and its used as house with a total capacity of 4 people.
Fachada vista desde el Norte Entrada
Salón Dormitorio
  • Building #6: Ground floor construction used as warehouse and stable, with a total surface area of 400 m2. It can be developed, so it could be turned into about 10 apartments, a hotel, or any other tourism related dependency.
  • Building #7: Two floors poor state construction with a total surface area of 60 m2 . This building can be restored.
  • Building #8: Modern style two-floors recently build construction. It has a total surface area of 93 m2.

Fachada vista desde el Sur


Arround the edifications previously described, there is about 22.000 m2 of developable land which is allowed to construct sigle-family detached houses, hotels, rural apartments, and any activity related to rural tourism. The minimal land division is 800 m2. There is a common regulation constraint stating that if must be dedicated 20% of the surface to main edifications and 10% of the surface to auxiliar edifications.



Arround the developable land described before, thre is about 12 Hectáreas of high quality rustic land. Most of this land enjoys a valid intensive irrigation authorization. These lands are being used as livestock farming.



There is high quality fresh water available in the village. Arround the village there are high quality natural springs with no technical limitatios for explotaition.

There is phone line available, as there is a 20-lines-maze ending distribution board in the village.

There is virtually no limitations in available electrical power, as the mid-voltage transformer is already placed inside the village.

There is also a good 2G and 3G mobile phone signal.