The Village Description

The property in sale is a small village with several edifications used in rural tourism (some of these edifications are maintained without modifications) and developable land for single-family detached houses or any other construction related to rural tourism. Arround the elements mentioned before there is a rustic land used as lifestock farming with is also part of the property.

Most of the constructons are rural houses built in the end of the XIX century, they are currently restored maintaining the original style, and are fully functional. These traditional edifications usually have two floors: The ground floor holds the kitchen, the larder, and the living room. In the first floor there are the bedrooms and a long passage extending through all the south facade, conecting all the bedrooms.

The natural environment sourrounding the village is priviledged, it is placed in a small valley betwen the Cayón Mountain and the Sueve Mountain's foothills, and crowsed by the Abeyes' River, a small stream whose power was used time ago in several water mills. Additionaly, the property is close to the Sidrón Cave, a place which was choosen by some neanderthals because its priviledged orientation, fertile valleys and the abundance of fresh water and hunt.

All these circunstances make this property an ideal place to be used as a resort, rural tourism, wild life related activity, therapies requiring serenity and/or interaction with the rural environment, ecoturism, community, etc. These activities are some, but not all the activities available for this property. New edifications or facilities could be constructed, if were needed for a specific activity.

You can appreciate this ecological wealth through the photograpy gallery in this section. Yo can also see a bigger set searching the web site of the company which manages the rural houses.